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Dye & Whitcomb provides accurate and professional bookkeeping and tax services so you can concentrate on what you do best.

We will set up your QuickBooks file for your new business, or help you fix problems with your current QuickBooks file. We are the experts who can solve your accounting and bookkeeping problems fast!

Small mistakes lead to larger mistakes. Decisions become based on hope rather than fact. Do not risk bad business decisions because of inaccurate financial information.

Organized financial records ensure that your business operations will run more efficiently on a daily basis and are the foundation of a successful business.

We offer full outsource bookkeeping services for small to mid-sized companies.  Our trained staff is a valuable resource to assist you in a variety of services available

Let’s face it, unless your business is accounting or bookkeeping, keeping financial records is probably not what you do best.  Most likely, you would rather spend your time selling your product or service.

When you are starting a business, your accountant should counsel you on tax issues during start-up to ensure you have the best tax structure for your new company. 

On an ongoing basis, your accountant can help you organize the statistical data concerning your business, assist in charting future actions based on past performance, and advise you on your overall financial strategy regarding purchasing, capital investment, and other matters related to your business goals.

 A good accountant will also serve as a tax advisor, making sure you are in compliance with all applicable regulations, but also that you do not overpay any taxes.

Owning and operating your business can be stressful. You want to make your business profitable and still spend quality time with your family.  Your time is valuable.  Why waste it dealing with paperwork?  Let Dye & Whitcomb create a complete bookkeeping package tailored to fit your needs. 

Dye & Whitcomb offers an array of Business Accounting Services big and small.

Accounting Services

Federal & State ID Numbers
Accounting Systems
Accounting Software Selection and Support
Compiled Financial Statements
Review Financial Statements Audits
Business Audits
New Business Startups
Income Taxes
Incorporation Study
Retirement Plans
Limited Liability Company
Business Growth
Banking/Loan Assistance
Lease vs. Purchase Analysis
Assistance with IRS &/or State Audits
Amortization/Depreciation Schedules

Bookkeeping Services

Let Dye & Whitcomb help your business enterprise with fast, friendly and accurate bookkeeping and accounting services.

Payroll Check Writing
Sales Tax Reports
Payroll Tax Reports (incl. W-2's)
Workers’ Compensation Reports
Forms 1099's
Reconciliation of Bank Accounts

Corporation - C (1120)
Corporation - S (1120-S)
Partnership (1065)
Limited Liability Company (1065)
nonprofit (990)

Business Planning

New Business Startups

Income Taxes
Incorporation Study
Retirement Plans
Limited Liability Company
Business Growth

START getting fast, accurate, usable information for your business NOW!

Preparation of Income Tax Returns - Federal & State (All States)

Corporate & Partnership Tax Preparation
Small Business Tax Preparation
Payroll Quarterly Reports 

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